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The term “outbook,” for casual books I make using scrap and rescued materials, is described in an earlier post. As an example of what comprises an outbook, though each is different, here is the inside of one made for a mail-art friend, Alicia Starr, in April. The books are usually a bit shorter than this; I got carried away.

sent to Alicia Starr, USA

front cover

sent to Alicia Starr, USA

pages 2 + 3

sent to Alicia Starr, USA

pages 4 + 5

sent to Alicia Starr, USA

pages 6 + 7

sent to Alicia Starr, USA

pages 8 + 9

sent to Alicia Starr, USA

pages 10 + 11

sent to Alicia Starr, USA

pages 12 + 13

sent to Alicia Starr, USA

back, open view (with asemic writing)

sent to Alicia Starr, USA

back cover

“Asemic Writing on Handmade Paper” pages in the art book submitted to The Sketchbook Project, for the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library.  The book is part of a tour traveling to eight U.S. cities from March to August 2013.

Sketchbook Project p.1

Sketchbook Project p.2

Sketchbook Project p.3

Sketchbook Project p.4

Sketchbook Project p.5

Sketchbook Project p.6

Sketchbook Project p.7

Sketchbook Project p.8

Sketchbook Project p.9

Sketchbook Project p.10

Sketchbook Project p.11

Sketchbook Project p.12

Sketchbook Project p.13

Sketchbook Project p.14

Sketchbook Project p.15

Sketchbook Project cover (front)

Sketchbook Project cover (front)

Sketchbook Project cover (back)

Sketchbook Project cover (back)

Music artist’s book created for Cheryl Penn’s New Alexandrian Library in South Africa:

For this visual poetry project, conceived and coordinated by Cheryl Penn of South Africa and De Villo Sloan of the USA, 15 artists each created 15 eight-page chapters as a tribute to a favorite visual artist, past or present.  Each artist sent a chapter to the other 14 project participants.  Artists I received from and sent to are from Argentina, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, South Africa, and the USA.  Here is one version of my chapter, all of which pay homage to the 20th-century collage artist Hannelore Baron:

More pages 2+3:


More pages 4+5:


More pages 6+7:


Text about Hannelore Baron included with my chapter, compiled from The Smithsonian Institution’s 2001 traveling exhibition catalogue titled Hannelore Baron:  Works from 1969 to 1987:

Handmade book for collaborative art project of artist Cheryl Penn, South Africa:

Six works done for Judith Heartsong’s trifold book project at her Fine Art Studio and Gallery in Glen Echo, Maryland:

Pages created for one (“The Plagiarist”) of a series of transdisciplinary-collaborative-art-practice books by South African artist Cheryl Penn, for exhibition in 2012: