artist’s outbooks: glueless collage

Posted: October 4, 2012 in collage 2012, mail art

The artist’s outbook arose mostly by accident as I gazed over piles of collage materials, many from years ago, on my studio tables.  Some of the materials are raw old papers either loose or from falling-apart books. Some are items (such as waxed paper) that functioned first as studio support materials, and then ended up as an integral part of what I now call the artist’s outbook rather than used up and discarded.  Others are papers, often pieces of old book pages, that I painted on or otherwise marked and eventually despaired of their becoming part of a “final” collage due to a letting-go problem I admit to having.  So, out with the beloved old but still-not-used.  New life in new ways.

The “outbook” is a sort of spinoff of the “trashbook,” an invention of the creative trashpo (trash poetry) artist Diane Keys, who is a mail-art friend and whose work I greatly admire.

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