3-scrap collages, July 2013

Posted: July 11, 2013 in 3-scrap collages, collage 2013

As usual, these 3-scrap collages were made by blindly taking three torn papers from studio scrap containers and challenging myself to do with them whatever interested me most.  To some I added a bit of ink lining.

3scrap.GARofRS  3scrap.[bard]IAN  3scrap.1958

3scrap.negative  3scrap.POR  3scrap.photoipswich

3scrap.darkdot  3scrap.littledoors  3scrap.HIwaxpaper

3scrap.DKpc  3scrap.myaddress  3scrap.map+fold

3scrap.peachmusic  3scrap.RDE.SES  3scrap.bigpurpledots+sienna

3scrap.ALBU  3scrap.circle.  3scrap.LEARNthe

3scrap.LOW.eflatminor 3scrap.MEXI.RETON  3scrap.tans

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