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Posted: December 10, 2012 in collage 2012, mail art

Collage, from past-handmade paper:

sent to Neil Gordon, USA

The artist’s outbook arose mostly by accident as I gazed over piles of collage materials, many from years ago, on my studio tables.  Some of the materials are raw old papers either loose or from falling-apart books. Some are items (such as waxed paper) that functioned first as studio support materials, and then ended up as an integral part of what I now call the artist’s outbook rather than used up and discarded.  Others are papers, often pieces of old book pages, that I painted on or otherwise marked and eventually despaired of their becoming part of a “final” collage due to a letting-go problem I admit to having.  So, out with the beloved old but still-not-used.  New life in new ways.

The “outbook” is a sort of spinoff of the “trashbook,” an invention of the creative trashpo (trash poetry) artist Diane Keys, who is a mail-art friend and whose work I greatly admire.

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Music artist’s book created for Cheryl Penn’s New Alexandrian Library in South Africa:

Brain Operations

Posted: May 20, 2012 in collage 2012, mail art

My brain on rust and all its implications

My brain on negativity:

My brain on the color of Katerina: 

My brain on Cloud Nine:

My brain on fake coffee

My brain on 3 hours’ sleep

My brain on lack of meditation

My brain on reading in bed

My brain on walnuts

Now that I often include India and other inks in collage, “paper and paint collages” isn’t a complete description. “Collages” should cover it all.










For this visual poetry project, conceived and coordinated by Cheryl Penn of South Africa and De Villo Sloan of the USA, 15 artists each created 15 eight-page chapters as a tribute to a favorite visual artist, past or present.  Each artist sent a chapter to the other 14 project participants.  Artists I received from and sent to are from Argentina, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, South Africa, and the USA.  Here is one version of my chapter, all of which pay homage to the 20th-century collage artist Hannelore Baron:

More pages 2+3:


More pages 4+5:


More pages 6+7:


Text about Hannelore Baron included with my chapter, compiled from The Smithsonian Institution’s 2001 traveling exhibition catalogue titled Hannelore Baron:  Works from 1969 to 1987:

Selected pages from my art book for The Sketchbook Project, permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library in New York and on tour beginning April 2012: