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The GALLERY-POSTS are an ongoing scrolling exhibit of my artwork, mostlynancy bell scott. sweet dreams for 7 years abstract collage since 2006.

These works reflect a longtime love of books, music, letters, history, color, paint, asemics, texture, ink, and rust, sometimes including unexpected found materials from the ground.  Exploration.

Recently, exhibiting in formal regional galleries hasn’t been a main focus or purpose.  I enjoy my freedom and studio work immensely, as well as communicating, collaborating, and showing with artists from many countries.

Several years ago I came across the International Union of Mail Artists (IUOMA), which, through the ongoing exchange of mail art, has meant participating in a global community of imaginative artists of all kinds, discovering new ways of working, and exhibiting both online and locally around the world.

*All book materials used in my work are from old dilapidated volumes headed for recycling or already thrown away.*

For a few biographical notes, see  BEFORE + NOW.


Photo,better,den, on 3-21-17 at 6.28 PM (1)GALLERY-POST LINKS

Below are direct links to each Gallery-Post . . . up to a certain burn-out point, in 2015. Every other post ever made here — before 2015 and up through the present, 2021 — can be seen by clicking on the categories on the left of each Gallery-Post page; by checking out the archive by date, below each page; or, of course, by scrolling through and clicking on “older posts” at the bottom of each page.


book-cover collage series, 2008

3-scrap collages, 2007-2008
paper and paint collages, 2009-2010
paper and paint collages, early 2011

paper and paint collages, mid-2011
“Think Twice, Live Twice”
3-scrap collages
“I Don’t Fly”
“Still Here”
collages with asemic writing, July 2011
“Diplomatic Asemics”
“Pieces of Structure”
“Words Afloat”
“A Universal Language”
“Formal Complexity”
collages with asemic writing, August 2011
3-scrap collage
“Moonlight” ~ “Can We Talk” ~ “Time Travel” ~ “Do Not Drop the Eggs”
windstorm art
“Night Falls” ~ “You Can Too Dance” ~ “Of Two Minds” ~ “I Will Still Come Back”
“The Plagiarist” pages
paper and paint collages, September 2011
“Seneca Street”
“Room for Human Frailty”
“Ann’s Heart Takes a Holiday While the Rest of Her Stays Home”
paper and paint collages, October 2011
collages with asemic writing, October 2011
“Foto Vispo” series
paper and paint collages, November 2011
collages with asemic writing, November 2011
pages for collaborative trifold book project
paper and paint collages, December 2011
“The World Is a Town”

paper and paint collages, January 2012
The Sketchbook Project, 2012
paper and paint collages, February 2012 
paper and paint collages, March 2012
collages with asemic writing, winter 2012
VISPO Collaborative Books Project
collages, April 2012 

“Random Simplicity Waits”
“Not Every Path Wants to Be Seen”
“Brain Operations” series 1
collages, May 2012
asemics with automatic writing, May 2012
collages, May-June 2012
Artist’s book:  “Found Sound”
artist’s outbooks:  glueless collage
collages, July-September 2012
“Let Us Keep Meeting Like This”
The Sketchbook Project, 2013: Asemic Writing on Handmade Paper
collages, February 2013
more collages, February 2013
for The Epistolarium, issue 2
more outbooks and collages, winter 2013
asemic notes on music
International Collage Exhibition and Exchange 15
collages, March 2013
inside an outbook
from deconstructed collages
more “from deconstructed collages” and “3-scrap collages,” May 2013
3-scrap collages, July 2013
3-scrap collages … again
Obsession (with instructions)
still . . . 3-scrap collages
“The I of Morning”
“Much Longer”
“It Only Takes Seconds”
“Never Let a Night Pass”
A Serious Idea”
“Internal Evidence”
“Without Within”
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
“But Not Forgotten”
“At Liberty”
“A Moment’s Space”

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